Top 10 at CWi Investor Pitch 🥳

Nornir was preselected as one of 10 startups to attend the CWi Investor Pitch. The pitching competition was held on September 12 at Litteraturhuset in Fredrikstad, Norway.

Many such events are organized for startups. Usually such events leaves the startups with hard work and growing travel expenses, still hunting for investment. The CWi Investor Pitch was organized differently from similar events: All investors attending used Monopoly money to vote for the company they would like to invest in. And when the winner was elected, the stock subscription form was put in front of them. The winner was actually guaranteed a minimum investment and the investors where added to the shareholders book.

Being a founder or working in a startup has become a hype. CWi Investor Pitch brought this hype down to a physical action and Nornir like to honor the organizers for this. Thanks to CWi Moss, Blender Collective, Fredrikstad Næringsforening and Sarpsborg Næringsforening for a really fun and useful event!

Electing the winner among the 4 companies who got the most Monopoly money.

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