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The last couple of years Nornir has had a successful pilot test running in the city of Steinkjer, Norway. Through this pilot our technology has been verified and tested thoroughly. Nornir provides complete solutions to roll out radio coverage in small, medium and large communities. We can offer to:
  • Build a new Smart City infrastructure with Nornir's revolutionary IoT technology. The technology reduces time and costs required to create innovative new Internet of Things applications that can connect easily with multiple network protocols and systems in a city.

  • Engage with Nornir Smart City application providers that will built solutions on the platform which are ready to become part of your smart city initiatives.

  • Leverage the Nornir Marketplace and partners ecosystem to market and sell your IoT smart city solutions and services.

  • Identify a System Integrator/Network Provider Partner from the Nornir Ecosystem to discuss how they can help deliver a secure and scalable Nornir IoT solution to unlock continuous new value for your city.


Smart City Infrastructure

 ​Nornir offers to roll out IoT radio coverage at local communities, industrial areas, university campus, senior day care centers or any other places where IoT technology can bring value. While doing this it is important to establish a close relationship with the municipality involved and important enterprises for the specific area to ensure the infrastructure will get locally connected and bring maximum value.

Nornir starts a roll out by doing site survey and radio planning of the location. This allows us to map up a grid to cover the desired areas with IoT green spots. At these spots various of gateways and radio technologies are set up to be part of the grid. ​

The coverage area

Normally IoT services operates in the frequency band 433 MhZ and 868 Mhz. Dash7, LoraWan, Sigfox and Zigbee are all examples of protocol standards within this range. Thanks to Nornir's Real Time Web technology we can welcome diversity by unifying any type of wireless carrier and network protocol. This allows you to choose the best available protocol based on your specific area of use.


Rolling out an IoT smart city network normally starts at local communities, schools and universities. From here innovation grows and Nornir becomes your partner to invest in rolling out to areas where new markets emerge. A good strategy for us is to work in close relationship with local community so we can expand the IoT coverage areas outdoor and indoor continuously.

Services to expand usage of infrastructure

Nornir offers several services that fit different market needs.

  • For the industry we can offer more advanced systems like active real time RFID trackers.

  • For universities and schools we can offer training and hackathons.

  • For startup companies we can offer rapid prototyping and product development.

  • For care centers ​we can offer an infrastructure to support any future standard from different service providers.


Overall, Nornir aims to be your number one smart city operator and to become your preferred partner in developing your IoT and Smart City projects successfully.

If you plan to invest in building local smart city infrastructure and setting up a sustainable community, please contact us to discuss how we can help you. 


Nornir Academy

Create the next generation of IoT with us! We arrange training sessions and hackathons for professionals and students. Booking us for speaking at conferences and morning meetings is also a popular offer.

Nornir Training Sessions for developers

Our experienced software and hardware developers offer training sessions to learn how to use our developer tools. Tools designed by our hard core developers to lighten the development time for all developers working on software and hardware. We warn you, once you try them out you WILL get hooked!


With our revolutionary linking technology you can create rapid prototypes in seconds. After training with us you will be able to create IoT solutions and products without any middleware, database or API. Of course you can use these functions if you like, but hey! Why bother if you do not need to? Our freshest frontend developer used only 8 lines of backend code to create a new web based system for video calls and chat. Imagine what you will be empowered to with these tools!?!

Nornir Hackathons

One of the important parts of a smart city strategy is to establish a community for academia and students; our future resources that in time will create new business in the city. Nornir arrange hackathons for both students and professionals. Enabling massive innovation in local communities. And also a lot of fun.


Things4Web Conference

We arrange IoT conferences to promote our partners towards new cities. Our goal is to arrange Things4Web conference in every new city that starts using Nornir infrastructure solutions. Last time, Things4Web was arranged in the city of Steinkjer, Norway with over 20 lands represented.


Book a Speaker

Want to learn what it takes to roll out IoT in a city? Or you might like to have a kickoff at your own morning meeting opening the minds of your employees to what is possible with future IoT solutions today? Thrive on our experience and book an experienced speaker today!


Business Network

Enabling the future of IoT for Smart Cities requires collaboration. Nornir is establishing an open ecosystem to collaborate and share experience with customers and partners. The goal is to build strong business connections and innovate together.


Our collaboration network is called CiotY and is offered to our partners and customers within smart city and IoT. Being part of the network you will be visible to potential partners and customers as Nornir actively promote our business partners to cities and municipalities we partner up with.


We experience many companies having trouble finding their way through the IoT jungle and honestly do not know how to get on board the trend that is disrupting the World at this very moment. Being part of CIOTY you will meet likeminded people and be able to expand your business together. You will be able to find companies with the right IoT products and services you need to succeed.

We strongly believe that the best IoT service has not yet been built or invented. Being part of our ecosystem, any business can grow and access the latest technology giving them an advantage to compete in other markets.

Stay informed, find answers, and learn how to build smart connected applications faster. Join CiotY today!


Developer Tools

Nornir offers several tools for developers, students and companies that want to make their own IoT products and services. The tools can be used to create new services like a smart light control system, a smart sports shoe, an intelligent bed, screaming doors or any other crazy invention you may desire to develop. Our tools allow you to do pilots and prototypes in a very quick and easy maner. Also we offer electronic blueprints and electronic schematics free of charge for you to be able to manufacture your invention and start your own businesses.

How to get started with Real Time Web?

​If you are a student, or a startup company with potential of becoming the next big thing, the best approach is to join our hackathons and events where we provide training and demos. From here you will be able to join our developer community and become part of our IoT movement. ​


The time of development will be drastically reduced compared to traditional methods since your smart objects become linkable from the web. Any innovation and development can be linked. To give you a glimpse of the joy ahead the tools will for example empower you to do the development one time only, before you are able to share across the globe using linking technology. You will be empowered to create services where end users never again need to download any updating software. They will be consuming you service by linking and you will be part of a global business with revenue from the global web universe.


It is truly a plug and play network of physical things!


  • No database or web API are needed

  • Data is traceable/monetizable

  • Identity is kept throughout the network for objects

  • Privacy is kept for humans

  • Open standard connectivity (Web)


Tech Consulting

Nornir offers several consultancy option for you business. We have highly expertise in industrial design, graphic design, UX design, hardware & software programming, architecture, security and business development. Our focus is to bring your core business into the world of real time data. Examples of consultancy services we are offering to clients at this very moment:


  • Rapid prototyping (both hardware and software)

  • Industrial design

  • UX design

  • Advanced Development (real time systems, low latency systems, scalability)  

  • HW development

Want to learning more about our expertise and discuss how we can help you?

Do not hesitate to get in touch!


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