Tech & IoT Prototypes

Nornir Design Team helps you grow your idea into digital or physical products. We focus on the user experience to ensure a maximum user and market fit for your product or service.
Nornir's inhouse developers and radio experts work closely with the design team to give you technical, interactive and functional prototypes. Also we are well equipped with prototyping equipment, like 3D printer and CNC machine, to give your prototypes the professional finish you may be looking for. Ask us to prototype:
  • UX and UI designs such as web pages and app designs

  • Physical embedded radio products

IoT Design
Rapid Tech
Service Design
UX Design

Develop Your Idea Further?

You have a brilliant idea but you don't know what's the next step? We are a team of experienced industrial designers, interaction designers and service designers, specialised in using our design thinking and design skills to help your ideas grow. Here are some of the tings we can do for you:
  • Map out user journeys and find essensial user needs

  • Animations both 2D and 3D to bring your ideas live

  • 3D modeling & rendering

  • Graphic design, from logo, brochure, rollup, ppt template and more

 Holistic Thinking 
User Focused
 Crossing Disciplines 
 Realistic Approach 

How do we work?


Tell us your story. We work with you to identify the problem, the objective, and the target user of the project.


Research on your industry, competitors, and the needs & insights of your target users.


Bring the design to live in the form of  interactive and functional prototype.


Put your prototype in front of your user group, and test the idea for feedback.


Incorporate implementations and technical components into  a highly functional system.








Brainstorm and design possible solutions based on your brief and our research. 


Tel: +47 482 01 265

Visiting: Chr. Krohgs gate 1 

0186 Oslo, Norway

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