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Welcome to the Future Web!

Nornir delivers the world's most efficient unifying system for connecting real time data between the physical world and the Web.

Revolutionary IoT Infrastructure

Nornir provides an open end-to-end software infrastructure and wireless coverage for smart cities. With our unique implementation of Bidirectional Linked Data we are taking the Semantic Web to the next level: Real Time Web.


Nornir Real Time Web​ - RTW

RTW is a web of linked data in real time. Nornir offers a series of unique software tools to empower developers to create IoT solutions without API, databases and middleware. We provide the easiest way to implement IoT solutions.


How it Works

Unlike classical architectures of telecom operators and cloud platforms, Nornir RTW does not require any middleware.

Why Nornir

With unique RTW technology, Nornir revolutionises software development by eliminating back end programming and middleware needs.


Web application developers dramatically save time and costs on their projects: From days to hours and hours to minutes.

Nornir kicks off by implementing our technology within IoT and smart cities; where it enables full interoperability between multiple IoT protocols and data sources.


Unlike cloud platforms, RTW is scalable like the web.


Our Mission

Empower all software application developers by dramatically saving their time and costs.


Our Vision

The Web is your computer.


IoT without middleware 



We offer maximum privacy and security for your data.

With Nornir Linked Data technology you are in full ownership and control of your data.


Nornir Data Web drastically reduces the time and cost spent on development, implementation and maintenance.


Nornir Data Web is a super high speed (≈ zero latency) system where data sources can appear in various contexts in true real time.


Nornir Data Web enables unified communications between different network protocols. It is also backward compatible with the current web infrastructure.


Nornir Data Web is just like World Wide Web: A self growing open network and the most scalable system in the world. It provides end-to-end connectivity between the clients.

Uniting IoT the

easiest way


Looking for the best IoT backend and infrastructure? We are happy to show you demos and presentations!

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